fun, playful, relatable, intuitive, trusted, approachable


How did you get into Pilates?

Part of my dance programming included classical Pilates. I’ve come to understand the power of Pilates since I started at 10 years old.

Why do you love Pilates?

Pilates makes people feel better! It makes me feel better. Everything about Pilates, it’s such a cerebral and physical practice.

Why did you become an instructor?

I learned about the softer side of Pilates, and not the rigid Pilates I had done as a kid. Pilates is really for everyone and makes you so strong.

What makes your class special?

We have fun in my class! I like to make people laugh, and make sure each individual gets what they need in that hour.

Why do you love teaching at New York Pilates?

It’s a warm, fun-loving environment. You can be creative and explore different exercises, styles of teaching, and formats of class.

How long have you been an instructor?

Since July 2013

Do you prefer fitness or technical classes?

I like a combination of both fitness and technical classes!


With a variety of classes for every mood and style, it’s easy to find your fit.

  • Heather fun, energetic, anatomical, rigorous, creative, caring
  • Lindy scientific, technical, focused, sincere, laid-back, steady
  • Regan refined, focused, graceful, calm, trusted, sophisticated
  • Gio vibrant, curious, artistic, technical, sincere, approachable
  • Whitney fun, playful, relatable, intuitive, trusted, approachable
  • Mariusz artistic, technical, progressive, focused, open-minded, fun
  • Emma focused, dynamic, playful, imaginative, scientific, calm
  • Arianna fun, disciplined, playful, energetic, sincere
  • Jen energetic, multifaceted, scientific, approachable, dynamic, accomplished
  • Britni energetic, fun, dynamic, technical, scientific, rigorous
  • Katherine dynamic, vibrant, crafted, refined, relatable, organic
  • JENNIFER sincere, disciplined, rigorous, fun, progressive, energetic
  • MEG imaginative, dynamic, technical, surprising, vibrant, welcoming
  • Amanda playful, technical, dynamic, imaginative, progressive, focused
  • Rachel welcoming, fun, imaginative, dynamic, technical, vibrant
  • Kai-ting intuitive, vibrant, imaginative, daring, analytical, laidback
  • Sean imaginative, playful, energetic, approachable, intuitive, rigorous
  • Elle intuitive, focused, energetic, sincere, artistic, dependable
  • Sam