How To Keep It Just Peachy

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to the studio
  • No admittance to class after 10 minutes
  • No cell phones in class
  • Notify your instructor of any medical considerations including past and present injuries, pregnancy or medication that might require exercise modifications before the start of class!
  • Instructors and class types are subject to change without notice. Check the class schedule for updates.
  • You book it, you buy it! Whether you waitlist or book into a class, if you’re added to a class we expect you to show up.


Etiquette Policy – Be a kind human & keep it cool….

At NYP positivity goes a long way. Rude or aggressive behavior and words towards any New York Pilates staff member or student in our community will not be tolerated. Be a kind human.

Cash Free

Cash free is the way to be. We accept debit cards and all major credit cards. You may save a card on file and charge classes and in-store purchase for your convenience. NYP is not responsible for any bank overdraft fees.

Don’t talk, text, or gram on a phone… in class!

New York Pilates does not allow cellphones in class. If there is an emergency please notify the desk and instructor beforehand! Otherwise, you may interupted during class and asked to leave your phone outside the classroom. Selfies encouraged pre and post class, show some love and tag @newyorkpilates <3

Service Return Policy

No returns or exchanges on used packages.

Merchandise Return Policy

No returns or refunds to original form of payment. Exchanges may be made for credit within 14 days of purchase under the conditions that the item(s) exchanged have original tags and packaging still intact, and that the item(s) are unworn, unused, unstained, and not damaged.

Studio Age Policy

Students 12-13  years of age must attend one private pilates session at New York Pilates to receive instructor approval prior to joining group classes. Upon receiving instructor approval, students between 12 and 13 may attend class with a parent or guardian present at the studio during the entire duration of the class. The parent or guardian must also sign a waiver at a New York Pilates studio to keep on file.

Students 14 – 15  years of age may attend class with a parent or guardian present at the studio during the entire duration of the class. The parent or guardian must also sign a waiver at a New York Pilates studio to keep on file.

Students 16 – 17 years of age may attend class with a waiver on file signed by a parent or guardian. All waivers must be signed at an New York Pilates studio.

Prenatal Policy

All pregnant students will be required to get instructor approval prior to taking classes during their second trimester (14-27 weeks). Students may receive instructor approval following one scheduled Private Session to learn prenatal modifications. This Prenatal Private session may be purchased at 50% off the normal rate. Upon receiving instructor approval, pregnant students in their second trimester will be limited to Reformer II and Prenatal classes.

In order to maintain a safe and positive experience for all students at New York Pilates, upon reaching the third trimester of pregnancy (after 28 weeks), all New York Pilates students will be limited to Private Pilates Sessions and unable to participate in group classes. Members may inquire with the desk to discuss the possibility of discounted private sessions in their third trimester.

Lost and Found

New York pilates is not responsible for items lost, misplaced, or stolen while visiting a studio. However, our community of students look out for one another, and often return found items to the front desk. If you think you may have lost  something while at the studio, contact the NYP Desk staff via Live Message to check! Items are held at the desk disposed on a  month to month basis.

Dog Policy

New York Pilates is a dog friendly studio with the following rules put in place for the safety of all our guests, students and employees:


All dogs visiting our studio must be accompanied by their owner. Dogs are not allowed in the classrooms, class area or privates area of the studio. If the owner is taking class, NYP requires that a well-behaved dog remain in a bag or carrier in the lobby area of the studio while they are unattended by their owner.


At no time will NYP staff be responsible for the care of a student’s dog. If at any time a dog is disruptive, NYP reserves the right to pull their owner out of class without refund or compensation for the missed portion of class. NYP is not responsible for any injury sustained by a dog while at the studio. In the case of a dog causing injury or damage to the studio, the owner is responsible.


Class Lateness Policy

To keep our students safe and the flow of class moving, there is no admittance after 10 minutes past class scheduled start time.

Class Cancellation Policy

NYP has a 12 hour cancellation policy for all classes. Cancellations made with less than 12 hours notice will result in a $20 Late Cancel fee for all unlimited students and the loss of a credit for all students with single or package pricing options.

Class No Show Policy

We get it, things come up! If you are not going to make it to class please cancel to allow another student to take your spot. Absence to class without a cancellation will result in a No Show fee of $30 for all unlimited students and the loss of one credit for students with single or package pricing options.

Private and Duet Cancellation Policy

Private and Duet Sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule, cancel, or miss your session you will be charged for the full cost of the session or one will be deducted from your package.

Waitlist Policy

We expect you to want to take every class you’re on the waitlist for! Our system will automatically add you when a spot opens up until the day of class, you will receive an email or text notification! Once you are added to class from the waitlist you’re in!

If plans happen or something comes up or you do not want to be in class take yourself off the waitlist! Standard cancellation policies apply, if you reply N to get rid of your spot with less than 24 hours notice any late cancellations fees apply.


Membership Guest Policy

NYP Members receive Unlimited First Time Guest Passes. To book class with a guest send over their name, email, phone number, and the class you’d like to attend together to the desk via Live Message.


Guests must be new to the studio. Late cancellation and no show fees apply to guest reservations, and will be charged the member’s card on file.

Unlimited Membership Hold Policy

All members receive one free hold per twelve-month year.  For example: If you suspend your membership from May 15th, 2017 to June 20th, 2017 you would not receive another courtesy suspension until after May 15th, 2018. Additional holds available for $40 / month. Members may place their Membership on hold for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six months.


To hold your membership, contact the desk in writing (via Live Message) with the exact begin and end dates needed. You must get written confirmation of both the hold and release of the hold.


Medical suspensions may be put into place free of charge following the receipt of a valid doctor’s note. Pregnant Members may suspend their membership free of charge for students third trimester, see our prenatal policy for more details!

Unlimited Membership Cancellation Policy

Members may cancel their membership with 30 days written (via email or Live Message) notice and the payment of one final month dues. You will receive an email confirmation outlining your cancellation.



For example: If your payments process on the 14th of each month and you wish for August to be your LAST month of classes, you would request cancellation before August 14th. Your last payment would take place on August 14th and your last day to join us for classes would be September 13th.


Membership monthly rate will be honored as long as membership is maintained. Reinstated membership will be sold at current market rate following cancellation.


If your Membership billing fails to process NYP, will try to contact you via email. Your membership will be suspended and ultimately cancelled should you not provide payment within seven days of your bill date.


Consumers Right to Cancellation: You may Cancel Membership Contract without any penalty or further obligation within three (3) days from purchase date.

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